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PVC Portable Pod. 2 Entrances. Strong Support. Minimal set up time

10" x 10" x 6.6"H OD / 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" ID. 80" Center Height


Once again Eastern Tabletop is here to keep outdoor dining afloat with the most creative approach. Introducing "Pop-up Pods" that will keep your guests covered and warm as cooler weather approaches. Sets up in mere minutes without any tools needed.

Pop-up Pods are the latest outdoor dining trend and are a guaranteed ROI. Minimal Investment and minimal set up time will pay off instantly as guests line up for bookings.


Adheres to social distancing rules as each Pod hosts one single party of guests. Utilize the popular Eastern Germbusters to disinfect between parties.


Raise the temperature with space heaters placed inside the pods for comfortable dining as the weather gets cooler.


2 sides open for proper ventilation to help reduce Covid transmission.

Fabricated as a one pc. Unit with PVC quality material.


·        Portable.

·        2 entrances w/ zippers.

·        All sides supporting clips.

·        Place for a table with 4 - 6 people.

·        Compact fold away.

·        Easy set up / breakdown

·        Clear PVC.

·        No tools required.